Ch-ch-changes! Moving to Miami Edition!

18 January 2018 by , 4 Comments

  I’m at day three of settling into my new temporary home in South Florida where Brent and I will be living for the next four or five months. And so far it’s gone surprisingly well (some noise issues aside). Did you know it’s 2,720 miles by air from Seattle to Miami? That makes them […]

The 12 Days Before Christmas MM Historical Fiction Blowout!

27 November 2017 by , No Comments

Get swept away to times long past. Fourteen authors share their love of history through fiction. Follow the website links after my post to read the authors’  articles about their books and then go pick up a great read for half-price or less from December 12 – 24! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ […]

When it Comes to Gay Visibility “Beauty and the Beast” is Downright Ugly

12 June 2017 by , 1 Comment

Now that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is out on iTunes, I finally got a chance to see the live action remake of the animated classic. Before the movie came out, much fuss was made over the fact that director Bill Condon let slip that the remake would have Disney’s first out LGBT character and […]

No More Ugly Villains!

10 May 2017 by , No Comments

What’s the first thing you think when an albino character appears in a movie? I bet it’s “Ew, what a creep! He’s got to be a villain!” And you’d usually be right. From Harry Potter’s Voldemort to the killer twins in The Matrix to The DaVinci Code’s psycho killer, albinism has been used as a […]

I Think I’m Seeing Demons But I’m Not Going to Say Anything

6 May 2017 by , No Comments

One of my biggest pet peeves about horror novels (and by extension, horror movies) is when characters act in absolutely preposterous ways that make me want to scream at the book/movie. I think characters usually act this way because the author A) wants to stretch out the story or B) uses it as a cheap […]

Six of My Favorite Gay Fictional Couples

14 February 2017 by , 1 Comment

We all know February is really for lovers. For some of us, it’s especially for gay lovers. Alexander the Great and Hephaestion (though not as portrayed by Colin Farrell and Jared Leto in that really bad movie). Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley. John and Palmer. (If you haven’t yet had a chance to read […]

Lessons From a Book Launch

5 January 2017 by , 1 Comment

So Man & Beast, my first novel in nearly fifteen years, came out last month and I thought it would be helpful if I shared my experiences launching it. We Indie authors have to stick together after all and I’ve always appreciated when other authors shared their experiences about what worked and didn’t work for […]

Good Sex and How To Write It. (Hint: It’s Not All About Showing Everything)

7 December 2016 by , No Comments

No, I said, good sex and how to write it. Not have it. If you’re looking for that kind of information, go check out Dan Savage. This post is going to discuss how I use sex in my writing, followed by an example from Man & Beast, my latest novel. Writing a great sex scene […]

Man & Beast is Launched!

30 November 2016 by , No Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s been twelve years since I last released a novel, but them’s the facts! Regardless, Man & Beast is officially out in the world and so far it’s going pretty darn well. The Novel Approach reviewed it and said, “Author Michael Jensen has melded factual research with fiction to create an […]

It’s Raining Books! Halleleujah!

24 November 2016 by , No Comments

So by  now you’re probably bloated with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and pie, and maybe you’re thinking that tomorrow you should get out and do some of that Black Friday Christmas shopping, right? HELL, NO! That sounds awful! Literally, hell on earth! Personally, I think you should stay right there surfing on your couch and head […]