No More Ugly Villains!

29 September 2014 by , No Comments

What’s the first thing you think when an albino character appears in a movie? I bet it’s “Ew, what a creep! He’s got to be a villain!” And you’d usually be right. From Harry Potter’s Voldemort to the killer twins in The Matrix to The DaVinci Code’s psycho killer, albinism has been used as a […]

I Think I’m Seeing Demons But I’m Not Going to Say Anything

20 August 2014 by , No Comments

One of my biggest pet peeves about horror novels (and by extension, horror movies) is when characters act in absolutely preposterous ways that make me want to scream at the book/movie. I think characters usually act this way because the author A) wants to stretch out the story or B) uses it as a cheap […]

Flood: The Novel

28 July 2014 by , No Comments

So the book I’ve been working for the past several years is based on a topic that you’re probably somewhat familiar with: Noah’s flood. Yeah, that Noah’s flood. Angry god, an ark filled with two of every animal, forty days and nights of rain. No, I haven’t gone and found religion. I was born a […]

Why Historical Fiction?

27 July 2014 by , No Comments

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “why historical fiction?” Well, because I like it! A lot. As far back as I can recall, I’ve been most attracted to three kinds of fiction: historical fiction, science fiction, and horror. My life wasn’t utterly horrible as a kid, but I definitely needed the […]