Ch-ch-changes! Moving to Miami Edition!

18 January 2018 by , 4 Comments


I’m at day three of settling into my new temporary home in South Florida where Brent and I will be living for the next four or five months. And so far it’s gone surprisingly well (some noise issues aside).

Did you know it’s 2,720 miles by air from Seattle to Miami? That makes them the two major U.S. cities the farthest from each other. And with such a huge distance comes a lot of changes. For instance, it’s sunny here in Miami. Really sunny! And it doesn’t rain all winter! Coming from cold, dreary, wet Seattle, I can’t overstate how amazeballs that is. Plus, Spanish is heard here more often than English, which is why I’m glad I’ve started to learn that language. Also, there are alligators. Lots of them. Basically, they are the pigeons of Florida.

How have these changes affected my life so far? My reasons for leaving weren’t running away from anything. Rather it was running toward something. While I love Seattle, I’d grown pretty darn bored with it. It was time for something new. New weather. New experiences. New things to see and do.

Apart from keeping an eye out for lurking alligators, the changes have been really positive. I’ve started doing a fitness class taught by one of the other residents at the co-living group where we’re staying in Miami. This makes a nice change to my old workout routine back home. Turns out there are some muscle groups I hadn’t been using.

I also find I’m more conscious about what I’m eating and actually eating less, which is good since eating is something I do to relieve stress. (And, man, was 2017 stressful! Like I have to tell you that.) I’m also less obsessed with politics, and that is awesome as some days it had taken over my life. And rather than Brent and I usually only seeing and talking to each other most days, now we’re meeting tons of new people. So far I’ve chatted with folks from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Australia, plus Americans from all over the country. Most of them are pretty cool, too.

Best of all, it’s allowed me to shake up my writing  routine, which fits in perfectly with how 2018 is shaping up. Not only do I have a new agent – the awesome Saritza Hernandez – but I’m bringing a new focus and discipline to my work. And it turns out having a new location allows me to focus more diligently on my polishing up A Broken Land for submission to editors (woo hoo!), coming up with ideas for a new series, and doing even more on social media.

I’m sure some of this would have happened had Brent and I stayed back in Seattle, but certainly not all of it. And it definitely wouldn’t have had the same air of excitement that upending our life has created. I knew we’d fallen into a rut back home, but it turns out that was a really deep rut — like Grand Canyon-sized — and it’s great to have pulled ourselves out of it.

I don’t think running away from your problems is a way to live life, and thankfully this move wasn’t about that. But it was about getting a fresh perspective on the world. And so far it’s worked in spades!

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  1. John Koch 18 January 2018 at 11:38 pm #

    Like I mentioned before, I truly admire you guys for undertaking this life “shake up!” It’s difficult for many to even recognize the fact that their lives are “stuck in a rug” – let alone do something about it. You’ve done both!

    I know that if my health were more stable and I had more financial flexibility, I would be doing something similar – maybe relocating to Santa Fe or traveling solo around the world?!

    Anyway, I’ll just have to look forward to traveling vicariously through you guys for now. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!

  2. Michael Jensen 19 January 2018 at 4:02 pm #

    Thanks, John! I totally get the health part. We have some of those ourselves and the healthcare sitch is very frustrating. Surprisingly, the economics have worked out really well! We’re actually saving a ton of money living here in Miami, partly because Seattle has become so darned expensive. Places like London will be a little more expensive, but overall I do think we are going to be spending less money than we were. And living a whole new life!

  3. Sue Houghton 19 January 2018 at 6:27 pm #

    I’m so happy for you and Brent😁!
    It takes bravery and a sense of adventure to make the move you two are taking. But I see it’s certainly working out so far……do watch out for those hungry alligators.
    Keep in touch…love hearing about new life. Sue

  4. Michael Jensen 19 January 2018 at 6:42 pm #

    Thanks, Sue! We hear the brave part a lot, so I guess there must be some truth to it. LOL. But it doesn’t feel that brave. Perhaps it’s just because I’m older and have done something similar before. Mostly it just felt like a necessity!

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