I'm an author, editor, and world traveler. My books of gay historical fiction include The Savage Land series, which takes place on the American frontier. Man & Monster, the second book in the series, was a Lambda Award Finalist (under the title Firelands). I'm currently at work on The Drowning World, a new series set in 5500 BC. 

I'm also the co-founder of AfterElton.com, which covered pop culture for gay and bisexual men, and eventually became one of the largest and most influential LGBT websites on the internet. In 2006, AfterElton.com was sold to MTV/Viacom in a multimillion dollar deal. As editor until 2010, I interviewed hundreds of writers, directors, and actors, breaking numerous stories and advancing the issue of LGBT visibility in Hollywood.

I've always loved travel. In my twenties I lived and worked in Australia, backpacking the around the country, as well as popping over to do some trekking in New Zealand. Over the years my husband, writer Brent Hartinger, and I took various trips, but we always dreamed of living overseas. We're pretty sure we would've gotten away to it eventually, but the election of Donald Trump proved to be the motivation we needed to make it happen sooner rather than later. In December of 2016. we sold our house, got rid of most of our possessions, moved our life into the cloud, and in January 2017 officially became digital nomads, traveling the world writing our books.

You can read about our adventures at Brent and Michael Are Going PlacesI promise you'll read about some pretty interesting stuff!

You can contact me via emailFacebookTwitterInstagram, or you can connect with me through Goodreads.


My husband and I have no permanent home. Instead, we continuously travel the world, even as I keep writing my books and articles about traveling. Below is a map of our journey so far.

Currently, we're in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

We’re loving this vibrant, up-and-coming city in Eastern Europe, between Russia and Armenia. This is our eighth major “digital nomad” stop, after previously living for several months each in Miami, Florida; Birgu, Malta; Matera, Italy; Bansko, Bulgaria; Koh Lanta, Thailand; Hoi An, Vietnam; and Gimentz, Switzerland. And we’ve stopped in lots of other countries and cities along the way!

Learn more at Brent and Michael Are Going Places.

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