Review of Cat Sebastian's "Ruin of a Rake"


I hadn't planned on reading another period English romance novel so soon after KJ Charles' marvelous Wanted, A Man. But for quite a while I'd meant to check out Cat Sebastian (great name, by the by) so when one of her novels, The Ruin of a Rake, fell in my lap, I figured no time better than the present.

And I'm so glad I did. The story of "wealthy but still an outsider merchant" Julian and the supposedly depraved Lord Courtenay is an entertaining tale of two men who completely misunderstand each other -- and more importantly themselves. How they come to better know themselves and change each other in the process is always entertaining, often very sexy, and occasionally touching.

My one fault of the book would be something fellow author Kaje Harper pointed out in her Goodreads review -- sometimes the inner turmoil keeping the two men from admitting their feelings for each other didn't quite add up.

Most of the time I attributed that to how very uptight and "proper" the English were at that time. It was better to let someone think you didn't care about them than it was to admit to improper feelings. But I think once or twice the conflicted feelings were there more to keep our lovers apart.

But that's a small thing. On the whole The Ruin of a Rake (great title) is a fun, entertaining read, and while the final destination isn't exactly a surprise, the trip is well worth taking!