Eleven Beds In Six Weeks! Or, "Where The Hell Are We Sleeping Tonight?"

Most of what we write about being digital nomads is positive stuff because, let’s face it, our lives over the past twelve months has been pretty fricking great. We lived in Miami, Malta, Italy, and Bulgaria. We made tons of new friends, spent forty straight days on cruise ships, and Brent tried to pet every cat in Europe.

This was NOT one of the beds we got to sleep in! (In Miami’s Vizcaya mansion, which we visited.)

This was NOT one of the beds we got to sleep in! (In Miami’s Vizcaya mansion, which we visited.)

Sure, there was the occasional apartment catching on fire or the time I got scary sick in Bansko. But mostly it’s been pretty amazing.

Still, it’s not entirely peaches and cream. And we promised at the start of this adventure to tell you the whole story about being a digital nomad—warts and all.

Take, for example, the past six weeks, which we’ve spent back in the Pacific Northwest for Christmas. It hasn’t all been terrible: we’ve got to catch up with our great friends, visit some old haunts, and spend time with my amazing father-in-law.

But there have still been a lot of warts.

For one thing, we had soooo much to take care of during our relatively short stay here. By the time we leave for Thailand, between the two of us we will have had four dentist appointments, four doctor appointments, met with our financial advisers, done our taxes, downsized our storage locker, donated stuff to friends and Goodwill, got new glasses, arranged to sell our car, driven to Portland to get our Thai visa, spent time in the hospital while Brent’s dad had surgery, and the most dizzying part—slept in eleven different beds in eleven different locations.

In six weeks. Sheesh!

We know that being a digital nomad means you sometimes have to be flexible in terms of accommodations. But normally, Brent and I are “slowmads”—we only change locations once every six to twelve weeks—so the moving about isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, for our visit home this Christmas, we’ve had to cobble together stays in a lot of different places so we could (a) live cheaply in an expensive area, (b) see our friends, and (c) take care of all our business.

Which kinda sucked because, well, eleven beds.

We leave for Thailand in less than two weeks, and man, are we gonna be happy to stay in one place for a while!