I'm Writing A Memoir!

My mother’s life was certainly no picnic.

My mother’s life was certainly no picnic.

I’ve often thought about writing a memoir. I think I’ve got a pretty good story after all, especially about my effed up family. I even had a working title: Psycho Bitch From Hell. Which is how my brother and I referred to my mother.

Yeah, harsh.

But before you go judging me too much, the story has a surprising twist, and my mom (that's her to the left) actually comes out looking pretty good in the end. (If still a very complicated woman.)

My father, on the other hand...

I’ve started writing it a couple of times over the years, but somehow it never quite clicked.

Then Trump got elected, Brent and I sold our house in Seattle, got rid of most of our stuff, and headed overseas to live as digital nomads. Since then we’ve lived in Miami, Florida; Birgu, Malta; Matera, Italy; Bansko, Bulgaria; Koh Lanta, Thailand; and now Hoi An, Vietnam. Before the year is up that list will include Grimentz, Switzerland; Tblisi, Georgia; and Istanbul, Turkey.

Then very recently, how to write the memoir clicked: Brent and I should write it together, and it wouldn’t just be about my childhood, but Brent’s (his mom was no picnic either). It's also about our complicated writing careers, all of the amazing things we’ve done and seen these past two years, as well as all of the incredible people we’ve met.

But it's especially about our relationship and how our new lives changed us, allowing both of us to see our pasts with a new perspective, and maybe each other as well.

Stay tuned for details!