I'm Michael Jensen, an author, editor, and world traveler. My books of gay historical fiction include The Savage Land series, which takes place on the American frontier. The first book in the series is Man & Beast, and the second book, Man & Monster, was a Lambda Award Finalist (under the title Firelands).

I'm currently at work on several other series of gay historical fiction.

I'm also the co-founder of AfterElton.com, which covered pop culture for gay and bisexual men, and eventually became one of the largest and most influential LGBT websites on the internet. In 2006, AfterElton.com was sold to MTV/Viacom in a multimillion dollar deal. As editor until 2010, I interviewed hundreds of writers, directors, and actors, breaking numerous stories and advancing the issue of LGBT visibility in Hollywood.

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In addition to my writing career, I've always loved to travel. In my twenties I lived and worked in Australia, backpacking around the country, as well as popping over to do some trekking in New Zealand. Over the years my husband, writer Brent Hartinger, and I took various trips, but we always dreamed of living overseas.

Me at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We're pretty sure we would've left America eventually, but the election of Donald Trump made it happen sooner rather than later. We soon sold our house, got rid of most of our possessions, moved our life into the cloud, and became digital nomads.

Here are all the places we’ve lived for at least a month:

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