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Man & Beast
by Michael Jensen

What is the line that separates man from beast?

The year is 1797, and 24-year-old John Chapman is lost on the American frontier with winter falling fast. Near death, he stumbles upon a lone cabin, and the owner, a rugged but sexy frontiersman named Daniel McQuay, agrees to let John winter over.

John and Daniel quickly find themselves drawn to each other. But as the weeks turn into snowbound months, Daniel begins to change into someone brutish, and the line between man and beast disappears.

With the arrival of spring, John flees, eventually finding refuge in the company of a group of frontier outcasts, including a brash young settler named Palmer. But in the wilds of this savage land, love is not so easily tamed, and John soon finds himself calling upon the raging animal within him to save the man he loves.

Man & Beast, which The Advocate calls “equal parts romance novel and history lesson, heaped with sex and violence,” is the first book in the Savage Lands, a series that celebrates the untold gay history of the American frontier. Man & Beast is for fans of Harper Fox, Jerry Cole, and Mary Renault, as well as anyone who enjoys pulse-pounding suspense and romance.

(Man & Beast was previously published under the title Frontiers.)


"Besides an entertaining read, this praiseworthy period piece provides one of the few enduring thrills in contemporary gay literature--the erosion of the myth that American history was founded exclusively by heterosexuals."
-- The Advocate

"A breathtaking novel of American cultural and sexual history. This is a book for anyone who has ever wondered what same-sex passion might have been like in the age of 'romantic friendships.' [Man & Beast] is exciting and absorbing."
-- Michelangelo Signorile, author of Life Outside

"With [Man & Beast] we may be witnessing the creation of a new genre. Michael Jensen's well-researched book brings to life a pivotal period in U.S. history. He writes with passion, wit, and a heart as big as the continent."
-- Rebecca Brown, author of The Dogs and The Gifts of the Body

"Michael Jensen's [Man & Beast] has all the 'bells and whistles' of a deluxe adventure story: a racing narrative, high drama, vivid images, keen dialogue, even hot sex!
-- Walter Vatter, A Different Light Bookstore

"A fascinating tale about a fascinating character. The best books leave the reader wanting more, and [Man & Beast] begs for a sequel."
-- Outlines

"A fascinating period piece and a sexual bildungsroman that explores new literary terrain and will leave readers wanting more of Jensen's ingenious dialogue, complex characters, and finely detailed plot."
-- Bookshelf

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Man & Monster
by Michael Jensen

Is there a monster lurking inside every man?

It’s 1799 and Cole Seavey is not the man pretends to be. Nicknamed Cold-Blooded Cole for his steely nerve under pressure, he is not the devoted fiancé or son people believe. Sometimes he thinks he’s really a monster with a heart of ice.

Pakim is a Delaware Indian who has lost everything he loves to encroaching settlers—his family, his people, his way of life.

When these two men meet under the most dire of circumstances, they find in each other a second chance at happiness. But will a brewing border war, their own complicated pasts, and an Indian monster known as a Wendigo threaten their chance to have a life together? In order to defeat the Wendigo, as well as his own demons, Cole must finally confront the monster inside himself in order to become the man he is meant to be—or risk losing everything.

Man & Monster is for fans of Harper Fox, Jerry Cole, and Mary Renault, as well as anyone who enjoys pulse-pounding suspense and romance.

(Man & Monster was previously published under the title Firelands.)


"A spell-binding story that is half mystery and half horror...[Man & Monster] is an exciting addition frontier historical novels."
-- Midwest Book Review

"Replete with colorful characters whose lives the author convincingly details. This may be light entertainment, but it's never shallow."
-- Out Newspaper

"Excellent tale for a fall evening, [Man & Monster] will keep you glued to the book and the edge of one's seat."
-- Virginia Gayzette

"[Man & Monster] is an engrossing blend of gay passion and frightening action."
-- Washington Blade

"Jensen projects his images into your head with foursquare prose...niceties of style and twinkles of humor that flash out."
-- Edge Boston

"Jensen's gift for atmospheric detail is so strong readers are transported directly into the heart of the action."
-- Southern Voice

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